Can a design solution only be as good as the brief supplied by the clients? The more detailed the design brief, the better the design solution and outcome.  I think there is a large percentage of people that design and draw up their own house plan without really delving deeper into it. Building is such a huge financial investment, both up front and ongoing and has an effect on a large part of our lives. To not follow a proven design process and explore ideas in order to come up with a refined design to suit the people and place seems unstructured and where anything could happen. The design process is a proven system where there is a problem with a list of criteria and constraints, ideas are developed, research is done, possibilities explored, solutions are developed, ideally involving the client in the process and by a designer or team with formal training, practical experience and lateral thinking.

These solutions should then be evaluated, for example by a 3d model or even imagining the building and the spaces that are created within, how the people relate to the building and how the building works with the site and environment.

What can be done to make the building function better, look better, work more with the site limitations and maximise the site advantages? Design takes the creativity and controls it through the design process. How much of our own design is limited to our own ideas of what we have seen before? Not everyone is open to new ideas and concepts, we need to question our own thinking and open our minds by engaging in the design process to move forward.

Is the size or the dimensions of the room still the most important thing to us? Why isn’t it more important to look deeper at the quality of the space, how it can be used, how it feels, how it’s connected to other spaces, its location and how it opens to the external environment?

What is the difference between you and the designer?  Training, experience, knowledge, creativity and the insight to look beyond the thinking. So with our future looking at diminishing natural resources and our current way of living unsustainable, there should be even more of a focus on the design process as a way to start building creative and unique sustainable buildings and communities.


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