What is flexible design?

I believe it is about how we can function and grow within the spaces and with the furniture we create. It’s about the proportions of the spaces and how furniture can fit and work within the space. With the increasing cost of building and the pressure on our resources, it is about making the cost of our square metres in our homes and buildings as useful as possible and actually work for us. Eliminating dead unusable areas, having spaces flexible enough to work for different purposes and have areas with an ability to overlap to create more space.

An entry area that is open to a living area to create an open entry or feel like a larger living area. A living area that opens back onto an outdoor space that creates a seamless indoor / outdoor space. It’s interesting to experiment and play with different spaces, refine and simplify solutions and see how they can best work, feel and function. Good clever flexible design is not just about something working in one way; it’s about something working for us in several ways. Elements that have space for built in storage. Furniture that can transform for different functions that can move, fold, or open. For example mobile joinery that can serve a function for general food preparation and congregation in the centre of the food prep space but be moved to create an alternate layout to allow more living space and more people in the space.

How will the space need to work every day? How will the space handle more people when required and how will it grow and work for the future? Is it boring and regular or different and interesting? Does it shape and make way for experiences and change how we live for the better? What are the possibilities’ that can be explored that allow growth and flexibility for people and that don’t just create a space but a meaningful place.



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